We are looking for franchise partners for the following areas:

  • Pólus Center
  • National Theater
  • Buda side
  • Parkside
  • Arena Buisness Campus
  • In any location you suggest

The basis of the BITE bakery café concept is the range of innovative products prepared in front of our guests, which our guests can enjoy in a modern environment with friendly service.

Széchenyi Buisness of the Year 2017

Our company won the main prize of the Count Széchenyi Family Foundation, which is awarded to hungarian buisnesses that are exemplary among local buisnesses.

You can read more about the award HERE.

We have several innovative, iconic products:

  • A variety of freshly baked pretzels
  • Freshly made rolls covered in mascarpone
  • Hot-dogs based on our own unique recipe
  • Pretzel sandwiches
  • Grab&go products

We are constantly improving and updating our drinks and food, supplemented with seasonal products. During the summer we’re focused more on refreshing drinks like lemonade and iced coffe, during the winter we offer hot drinks and special coffees. With our innovative products, we try to move away from ordinary flavors, while at the same time maintaining natural, additive-free techniques.

Our recipes are easy to learn and do not require a degree in hospitality. Someone with a different specialty can easily make their dreams come true by learning the basics in a few weeks and getting a routine in their own café.

A number of people have asked us why there isn’t a BITE bakery café in certain cities, so in 2016 we started expanding the already mature concept as a franchise network.

If you’re interested in investing or starting a business, you’ve probably become familiar with the concept of a franchise, which provides the necessary foundations for a successful business. A good system provides elaborate know-how, shows directions, provides data, teaches techniques and recipes so that your business has the biggest chance for success.

In the background of our company, in addition to the developed franchise concept, there is also a strong parent company. Thermotechnika- Crown Cool company with its own developed machines, a national and Central-Eastern European repair network, as well as our own company supports the development of the BITE bakery café franchise with favorable machine purchase options.

Some of the many points in which our franchise partner can count on us:

  • BITE bakery brand name usage
  • Professional know-how, constant consultations
  • Selection and training of employees
  • Inheriting several years of business management experience
  • Advantageous supplier relations, favorable purchase prices
  • Purchase of self-developed machines and devices within the company group with national service background
  • Assurance of raw materials and equal product quality
  • Continuous product development, central innovation
  • Central design and production of visual elements
  • Central marketing
  • Provision, management and maintenance of online interfaces
  • Unified IT system (ordering, sales tracking, inspection)
  • regular meetings, professional training

Investment demand:

The investment required to creating a BITE bakery café is around HUF 25-45 million net. This includes every part of the design, from the creation of the plan to the architectural, mechanical, and electrical conversion to the procurement of furniture, machines, visual elements, and tools. The investment amount largely depends on the condition and size of the property at the time of handover, the number of guest places, the design of the existing machinery and electrical network, parameters that are unknown until the agreement regarding the property. Taking into account the investment needs of our previously established stores, we can provide a more accurate estimate after getting to know the property.

Ideal shop:

The BITE bakery café concept can be successful in large cities, county seats, areas with high pedestrian traffic, and busy shopping centers. According to our experience, it is much easier to reach our guests around busy streets, squares and junctions. In terms of the size of the retail space, the smaller one is 30-70 m2 without preparation, the bigger one is 70-100 m2 with preparation, where the possibility of placing a terrace can be a serious advantage. The large street-front portal is important, where the production of well-known products in existing stores can be displayed and which is an integral part of the store’s attractive appearance.


The fee for joining the network is HUF 2,000,000 net. 5%+VAT royalty is payable monthly on net turnover. Marketing contribution of 2% + VAT to be paid monthly after net turnover, which amount is used entirely for the marketing activities of the network and the store.

BITE bakery café is a member of the Hungarian Franchise Association

If you are thinking about opening your own BITE bakery café unit, please send a message to the e-mail address below. After contacting us, we can provide more precise information about existing business opportunities.

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Crown Foods Kft uses the provided data exclusively for the process of selecting the BITE bakery café franchise partner, the data is treated confidentially and is not made available to third parties.